SJ-Profile_CircleI believe that great design is not only about aesthetics but about visually representing a brand strategically to get through to a specific demographic.

Over 10 years of commercial experience in the design and advertising industry, I’ve enjoyed working with companies such as Redcactus, Unified, Farmers, cieventsBrandhub and Brandish Advertising (now known as Bettle & Associates), to create print and web collateral for various brands and products.

I love every aspect of creative design from the tactical rationale behind a brand to the structural techniques of package design, the simple navigation of a website to the use of typographic hierarchy in a clean and legible layout.

I strive for success and know that with hard work and dedication I can achieve my future goals and the goals of my clients. If you like what you see here, feel free to contact me for further details. You can also follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.